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Take advantage to be able to buy two important world exclusive multimedia works. Two books dedicated to the ancestral traditions of one of the native communities of Peru that still today lives largely following its own traditions. What makes this San Jeronimo community so special is the cohabitation of two ethnic groups, the Ashaninka and the Yanesha, both from the Arawak language group of different backgrounds. For this reason these books can be considered exclusive because for the first time something has been created that not only describes but also shows uses and customs of these natives of the Central Selva of Peru. In fact, the two books are multimedia and interactive where each paragraph or topic has at least one in-depth video just a click away. Once you have downloaded the book you can read it and watch the videos on your mobile phone or any other device without the need for an internet connection. All videos are included in the file you download and purchase.
Hurry up and enjoy your reading.

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