What is Mapiniki?

MAPINIKI is an interactive multimedia book with audio clips, photo and video galleries that we have been developing for over two months with the native community of San Jerónimo of Puerto Yurinaki, located in the province of Chanchamayo, Peru.
The intent is to make known to the world the ancient beliefs and traditions of this community made up of two ethnic groups, the Ashaninka, originating in Peru, and the Yanesha arrived in ancient times from East Asia.

Do you want to contribute?

If you have an activity or are a cultural entity and would like to contribute, you can sponsor the book by purchasing one of the few interactive ads available.
There are 10 ads in total that can be purchased at promotional price by contacting us at info@mapiniki.com

What is an Interactive Ad?

Each interactive Ad, with a size equal to half of the page, consists of a basic Ad with photos and texts plus a photo gallery (max.6) activated by a click, useful to deepen the explanation of the product or show its variants.
The photo below showing the announcement of the organic coffee producer Grinacho of Villa Rica is only illustrative of the dimensions.

Contact us at (+51) 992270971 or info@mapiniki.com