MAPINIKI – Interactive History of our native community Ashaninka-Yanesha by Angelo Giammarresi


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This interactive book is an absolute novelty worldwide and was created in HTML5 so that it is compatible with most computers and portable devices such as mobile smartphones, tablets, etc.

MAPINIKI is the latest and most refined example of a format that the author Angelo Giammarresi invented two years ago, it is a multimedia book that allows to combine the written text with interactive elements that in turn recall clips audio or video. In this book dedicated to the native Ashaninka-Yanesha San Jeronimo community of Puerto Yurinaki, in the Central Jungle of Peru, there are 75 videos of different lengths.
For the realization of MAPINIKI the author took about 9 months, filmed over 600 video clips in 4K and visited the community at least 70 times. The book written in the form of a dialogue between a virtual visitor and the various members of the community, as shown by the title MAPINIKI – Interactive History of Our Native Community Ashaninka-Yanesha, is dedicated to the history of this unique native community consisting of two different ethnic groups, the Ashaninka and the Yanesha. Thanks to this peculiarity you can learn about the uses, customs and traditions of both at once. The topics covered are over 70 and range from the origins, to songs, to food, to the symbols of tattoos on the face, to the rules of marriage and various stories and anecdotes.
Surely it is not a monotonous reading since the 296 pages are enriched with over 350 color photos and interactive buttons that activate audio clips and video clips.
The book is in Italian and Spanish with some phrases in the original language Ashaninka or Yanesha.


Title: MAPINIKI – Historia interactiva de nuestra comunidad nativa Ashaninka-Yanesha
Text Language: Italian, Spanish
Content: 296 Pages – 75 Videos – 10 Audio Clips – 350 Colour Photos

Format: WEB-HTML5/File .ZIP – It works using the navigator of all portable devices and fixed computers.
File Size: File ZIP 4.2 GB
Once you have downloaded the zip file on your computer, you no longer need an internet connection. Simply extract the zip file and double-click on the LeerLibro.html file you find inside. The book will automatically open in your device’s favorite browser.

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